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    About us
    CACLCO owns an open-door policy for communication, reasonable and effective system, which ensure the sustainable development. We exert the utmost power of team, adore the integrity virtue, and encourage the creativity actively. In line with "Care for people, Motivate people, Reunite people" work idea, we manage to create new employee images of "high work efficiency, high technological level, beautiful behavior", and integrate employees' fulfillment into corporate strategy. We always advocate that every one on the staff is the host of the business.

    Company Mission: Common development, Win-win cooperation

    Spirit of enterprise: Honesty is the basis, Innovation is the key

    Management rule: Management reply on the system, Clear division, Execute strictly

    Corporate Philosophy: Technology as the leader, Quick response to win, Equal cooperation, Together we succeed.

    Developing Orientation: Develop a high-quality employees' team

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